Why Choose a CORE Coastal Realtor?

CORE Coastal Realty is a Full Service Corpus Christi Real Estate Brokerage and Marketing firm committed to providing you with exceptional service. We are members of the Corpus Christi Association of Realtors®, Texas Association of Realtors®, and the National Association of Realtors®. We actively team with a network of cooperating local brokerage firms in our area and diligently look to match external, as well as internal, buyer’s agents with our listings. Real Estate Market areas currently supported include: Corpus Christi, Flour Bluff, Padre Island, Calallen, Port Aransas, Portland, Ingleside, Aransas Pass, and Rockport Texas.

At CORE Coastal Realty, we realize that your home and your needs are unique, and that a “One size fits all” marketing strategy doesn’t always quite “fit” everyone’s needs. Our friendly agents will represent you and your interests (as our client) with reliable guidance throughout the entire transaction. Your Corpus Christi Realtor will assist you with practical ideas on how to successfully prepare your home for sale, offer consultation on how to price your home in-line with buyer’s expectations, and explain how we will effectively market your home to as many prospective buyers as possible. Our professionally trained agents will take the time to address your concerns, leverage a vast amount of team based knowledge and experience, and customize a marketing strategy that will sell your home quickly – and for the best possible price!

Successful Real Estate Sales start with a Successful Philosophy:




Realistic Price Expectations –

By far, the most important aspect of selling your Coastal Bend Home is pricing it correctly from the very beginning. It’s always exciting to anticipate a higher than average sales price, but the market has proven time and time again that overpricing a home almost always leads to an extended sales cycle and lower final sales price. This is due to the competitive nature of Real Estate Sales, and Appraisal Obstacles:

  • Cooperating buyer’s agents will not bother showing overpriced homes unless they are using the home as an example of an overpriced property to highlight another ‘more realistic’ listing. Sellers have to stay cognizant of the fact that buyer’s agents are watching out for their client’s best interests.
  • Assuming a seller actually receives an offer, Mortgage backed offers will always require a formal appraisal. If the local market doesn’t support the sales price, the appraisal will most-likely come in short. Depending upon the length of time it took to get to get to the appraisal stage, a seller’s home could have been off the market for weeks, only to have the negotiated deal fall apart. If this occurs, very rarely will a seller ever receive a fair market offer. Once the property goes back on the market most buyers will assume that the seller is desperate, and ultimately the seller will end up settling for a lower than average final price.

The Corpus Christi Real Estate Market is fairly competitive, and the majority of a listing’s showing activity will occur in the first 30 days on the market. It’s critical that the initial listing price matches buyer expectations. CORE Coastal Sales Agents utilize advanced market analysis applications to develop comprehensive reports that will accurately determine the optimal listing price range for your home. One of the first conversations you will have with your CORE Coastal Realtor® will include a Detailed Market Analysis.


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Preparation, Presentation, Condition and Repairs –

Selling a home is a process, and in order to receive top offers you have to make your home look its best. CORE Coastal Realty Agents are here to help you receive the highest possible offer on your home. Our services include Home Staging Advice, as well as assistance in identifying and prioritizing repairs and improvements that will provide the highest return on your investment. The goal of this process is strictly intended to highlight your property, and draw on its strengths for maximum value.

CORE Coastal Realty has developed a substantial list of Recommended Contractors (not affiliated with CORE Coastal) that can help with virtually any task. We would be more than happy to offer suggestions for cost effective firms.


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Marketing Approach –

CORE Coastal Realty’s marketing strategy was developed to harness multiple channels that will put our listings in front of as many potential buyers as possible. We fully embrace technological advancements, and invest constantly in promoting our listings throughout multiple web search domains, social networking sites, e-mail campaigns to existing clients, direct area mailings, and traditional print media. Every property has an ideal buyer profile, and our Agents will implement a marketing program specifically tailored to target the places that these buyers are looking.

  • Home Staging Advice
  • Professional High Definition Photography and Virtual Tour
  • MLS Listing and Web Syndication
  • Coordinating Buyer Showings
  • Scheduled Open House
  • Cooperating Brokerage Firm and Agent Tours
  • Dedicated Listing Site
  • Search Engine Optimization, analytics, lead generation and “email to a friend” links
  • High Quality Print Media
  • Consistent Contact and Market Feedback Advice


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Purchase Offer Management and Negotiation –

When your Coastal Bend Home is priced right, staged favorably for sale, and professionally marketed – you have created the most advantageous scenario for serious purchase offers. We will assist you throughout the process – delivering owner disclosure documentation, coordinating inspections with cooperating agents and managing time-frames that will fit your busy schedule. We are always available and happy to help!

Successfully navigating and negotiating a real estate contract is often a delicately intricate process that can have a lasting impact on your realized net proceeds. At this point in the process, seller anxiety levels are typically high and a seller’s emotions can lead to devastating results. CORE Coastal listing specialists are highly skilled at negotiating contract conditions on your behalf, and we will help you retain the highest price a potential buyer would be willing to accept. Virtually every purchase offer contains buyer requested terms, contingencies, repair requests, and additional items of consideration. Applying an inflexible “Winner take’s all” approach is rarely received favorably by a prospective buyer, and will often cause enough distress to terminate negotiations. Our skilled agents will help you to keep emotions under control, and will craft productive responses designed to adequately address even the most unrealistic proposal. We will help you identify your top priorities, and assist in negotiating the most favorable terms, shortest contingencies, least costly repairs, lowest closing costs and fewest items of consideration. CORE Coastal is in your corner, and we will do everything possible to ensure your best interests are protected.


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Communication, Closing and Dedication –

CORE Coastal Agents are in constant communication with our sellers and buyer’s agents. Weekly activity updates will be issued in the communications method preferred by our client (e-mail or phone), and monthly status meetings will be scheduled directly (either on premises, or at our office). Monthly status meetings consist of a Top Prospect review, a Feedback Summary from recent showings, a review of Executed as well as Planned / Proposed Marketing Activities and any Recommended Adjustments to the sales strategy. Prior to each monthly status meeting your CORE Coastal Agent will perform a Comparative Analysis for all properties that match your home’s market segment. This analysis will provide competitive – current insight into similar homes that are added to the market, go into contract pending status, or are sold / closed / removed from the market.

When your Coastal Bend Property goes under contract our assistance is far from over. Closing on a property is a very time sensitive process, and we’re with you every step of the way. At this critical point, your CORE Coastal Agent will stay engaged with you to assist in locating contractors who are capable of wrapping up any pending repairs to your property, assist you in locating moving resources, and stay in constant contact with the buyer’s agent to ensure that they are fulfilling their contractual obligations in a timely fashion. The format of closing statements can vary between the multiple title companies in our area, and we will review your closing documentation with you. When the date and time is set, we will also sit alongside you during your transaction at one of our local Title Companies to ensure a smooth closing.

CORE Coastal Realty values every relationship we have, and you will never be viewed as simply a ‘client on file’ here. We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and look forward to making you part of our family. We take pride in caring for your immediate needs, but also those for years to come. Family,, Friends,, Neighbors,, We’re here for you!


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