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Corpus Christi Real Estate MLS

The Corpus Christi real estate MLS’ inventory offers a number of opportunities for single-family homes as well as golf course and waterfront and water view homes. There are also many houses in gated communities and those that come with pools, acreage and many other advantageous features.

According to statistics, there has been a monthly average of around 2,200 homes for resale in the Corpus Cristi housing market over the past year. The increased purchasing activity has spanned all price ranges, according to representatives of the realtors’ association board. In addition, new home construction has seen an increase compared to prior years.

Corpus Christi Real Estate MLS Listings
Prospective buyers can find many interesting properties through the Corpus Christi MLS. Expert Corpus Christi Realtors understand how to use specialized and advanced features in an integrated search to facilitate finding opportunities like short sales, foreclosures, investment properties and other home amenities.

Are you new to the area? You’ll soon discover that the city has an eclectic blend of neighborhoods to choose from, including historical, modern and in between. The downtown area includes older Victorian and Spanish style buildings, plus more modern structures of steel and glass. This area also has a great number of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, and a vibrant museum and art district. Also, several beaches are just minutes away.

Search the Corpus Christi real estate MLS for properties in Brighton Village, which is known for its affordable yet well kept homes, lovely park, and proximity to the Naval Air Station (NAS) Corpus Christi. Lamar Park, near Doddridge, is another area with moderately priced homes that is also pedestrian-friendly with shops, restaurants and a quarter mile track about 4 blocks from the bay.

The Lakes Corpus Christi is a prime, yet affordable location where residents are seen walking, running and taking their dogs out for walks during the evening and weekends. The property values are quite favorable, considering that many homes in The Lakes are waterfront and classified as midrange-priced properties.

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