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The Lakes Corpus Christi

If you’ve always wanted to live in a peaceful, relaxing neighborhood that’s close to nature, then you just might find your ideal home at The Lakes, Corpus Christi. With more than 600 homes, this Southside community has been attracting its fair share of homebuyers due to its family-friendly reputation and serene setting.

One of the best things about living at The Lakes is the way nature is closely integrated in the neighborhood. Parks and greenery are abundant, and birdwatching has become something of a hobby among The Lakes’ residents. Fishing for catfish, bluegill, or largemouth bass is also possible in the nearby Oso Creek, and the Oso Parkway that stretches through Kings Crossing, Corpus Christi provides a lovely natural wooded area that’s perfect for jogging or biking. Of course, nothing can compare with a beautiful lakeside view right from your own backyard, and most of the residences at The Lakes have this feature, making coming home here always something to look forward to.

The Lakes Corpus Christi Real Estate
The selection of homes offered at The Lakes Corpus Christi will certainly not disappoint. You can choose from a variety of classic and traditional homes to sprawling estate properties with large landscaped lots. Whatever your preference, the right type of home that will suit your needs is available at The Lakes. Residents also have access to amenities like a swimming pool and tennis courts, as well as several private manmade lakes where one can go kayaking and paddleboating, or spend a nice leisurely time strolling along the shoreline.

Find out more about living at The Lakes Corpus Christi or check out other equally fine neighborhoods in the area like Kings Crossing, Lago Vista, Corpus Christi, and more. Contact the CORE Coastal Realty team today for more information.

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